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Product Info

We manufacture and distribute The Capsule Machine, the best home capsule filling device on the market.


The Capsule Machine

Automatically joins and ejects filled capsules
Faster and easier to use than other products 
Fills 24 capsules in just a few minutes!

Fill your Own Capsules

 custom mix ingredients
 use quality and fresh raw ingredients
 save up to 75%
 avoid use of binders or excipients


Capsule Machine Instructions


Step 1:

Put base on stand.
Separate capsules
Put longer part of capsule in base
Put shorter part in top

Step 2:

Put base on shallow bowl or plate.
Pour powder
Spread with enclosed card

Step 3:

Put base on stand.
If desired, use tamping tool to compact powder
Then pour in more powder
Spread excess off into bowl or plate

Step 4:

Replace top
Remove Capsule Machine from its stand
Place on flat surface
Press down firmly until unit bottoms out

Step 5:

Capsules are automatically joined, and held in top!

Step 6:

Press top evenly and firmly...capsules are automatically ejected!

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Capsule Connection

Your source for high quality capsule filling machines and both vegetable and gelatin capsules. Capsule Connection manufactures and distributes The Capsule Machine, the best home capsule filling machine. It is proudly made in the USA. The Vegetable and Gelatin capsules distributed by Capsule Connection are made of the highest quality ingredients. We sell both whole and separated capsules.

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