We get many questions from customers about what is the right size capsule for them. Capsule Connection carries four sizes of capsules. The largest is “00” and the smallest is #3. Which one is best depends on a few things. We sell more “00” size capsules than all the other sizes combined. Most people want to be able to use the larger size capsule so they don’t have to make more capsules. However, some people don’t want to use the “00” size. If you have a hard time swallowing larger capsules, then you may not want to use the “00” size. The “00” size is definitely not the way to go for small children or some small pets. Speaking of pets: A lot of customers mix capsules into their pet’s food. That way the pet doesn’t have to taste some ingredients that may turn them off. This method is probably easier than trying to stick the capsules down the pet’s throat. The “0” size holds approximately 500 mg., which is about 30% less than the “00” size. Most filled capsules you buy in bottles are “0” size. The weight of each filled capsule will depend on many things. First is the density of the powder you are using. Second is how packed you make the capsules. By using our included tamping tool, you can compress the powder and then put in more powder. You can do that up to three times to maximize the amount in the capsule. Each empty “00” capsule weighs about 0.1 gram. So if you use a scale that’s accurate to a tenth of a gram, you can determine the weight of the contents by weighing the filled capsule and subtracting 0.1 gram. If you need to adjust the weight of your active ingredients you can use the tamper more or less. If you need to reduce the weight of the active ingredients considerably, you can mix a few ounces of your powder with a filler such as milk powder or rice powder. For example: You may find that filling a “00” capsule with turmeric gets you a capsule with contents of 700 mg., but you only want to take half that (or 350 mg.) at a time. You can make a 50-50 mixture with rice powder and then fill the capsules with the mixture. Full capsule size information is available at: http://capsuleconnection.com/capsule-sizing-info/ When you view the capsule size chart on your screen, the size of the image depends on the resolution of your screen. So the best way to determine how large the various size capsules are is to print an actual-size print. http://capsuleconnection.com/files/capsule_print_actual_size.pdf Make sure you set your printer properties in the dialog to ACTUAL SIZE – not FIT TO PAGE or other size changes. That way your print will show the actual sizes of the capsules.