Since 1973, Capsule Connection customers have been able to save huge amounts of money making their own capsules. In addition to the savings, they have been able to make custom combinations that are not available on the market. For years, many consumers have trusted corporations and government to tell them what drugs, supplements, and herbal remedies were right and/or safe for them to consume in order to improve their health. These days, it has become apparent that many of these institutions move far too slowly to help people that need it in the present moment. At the same time, the emergence of the internet has allowed direct knowledge to pass from experts to those that can benefit from their findings. By putting the means of production in the hands of the common person by way of capsule filling machines, the benefits of custom supplements can be had without waiting for local stores to stock them on their shelves. Still not convinced? By understanding the advantages of making your own capsules, you will soon know why packing your capsules have become a trend in health circles of late... 1) You'll save money by avoiding high-priced capsules in the mainstream market Stepping into a drug or health food store and looking at the prices charged for supplements is all that is needed to make the hair on your neck stand up on its end. The prices they charge for their products include costs and markups passed on from manufacturers and distributors -- but in this day and age, you don't have to grumble and reluctantly pay much more than you need to. By purchasing your own empty capsules, you can fill them with the same ingredients that go into the bottles that cost up to $20 retail, and you can realize the same result for a fraction of that price. 2) You'll be 100% sure about what is going into your system While you want to believe that a supplement provider is telling the truth when they say that the drugs/herbs that are in their product is exactly what they say it is, you can never really know for sure. When you fill your own tabs, this issue doesn't exist. One way of making your own capsules (or packing your own capsules) involves using a Capsule Machine or ProFiller, which will put in all your supplement products in an efficient and timely manner, allowing you not only ensure that your capsules are genuine, but that you can fill them without wasting too much of your precious time. 3) You'll be able to make capsules that are hard or impossible to find in stores Many supplements available on the mainstream market lack the ingredients that cutting edge treatments have when it comes to resolving health conditions. Those in the forefront of many medical fields have pioneered life changing blends that may not surface on a store shelf for many years. By using the knowledge you learn and a filler like The Capsule Machine, you can create supplements for yourself that will change your life or maintain your health. You can combine ingredients to the proportions you desire – and not have to accept whatever mixture is available commercially. You do not need to use binders, excipients, preservatives or additives that you might find in some brand capsules and you can make sure all your ingredients are as fresh as possible. There are many options for making your own capsules to suit your purpose including clear empty capsules, white empty capsules, size 0 capsules, size 00 capsules, size 1 capsules as well as for dietary or religious restrictions like gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules, etc.