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Liquid New Item Instructions

Now available by popular demand!

The first home capsule filler accessory kit to fill and seal liquid capsules


You can easily and quickly fill and seal liquid capsules using this Accessory Kit with your Capsule Machine. Do 24 capsules in just a few minutes.
We’ve proudly made the Capsule Machine in the U.S.A. since 1981. We now have this major improvement for customers who fill liquids.

The liquid filling/sealing accessory kit includes Drying Rack, Sealing Solution (6 ounces), dropper, silicone brush, and ejection pusher. Seals and dries 24 capsules at a time. The heated solution goes in the top of the capsules and then the 24 capsules are joined. The solution (100% Cacoa Seed Butter) solidifies at room temperature, preventing leakage of the liquid. Not for use with liquids containing water. Additional individual parts are also available for purchase. Works well with capsule sizes "0" and "00." Works not as well for size #1. $18.50

Note that Cacoa Seed Butter may contain traces of theobromine (which is in chocolate). Theobromine may be toxic to dogs or other animals.


Full instructions at Liquid Filling Instructions

After dipping tops in Sealing Solution, the liquid capsules are joined (above).
Then capsules are ejected into drying rack (left), where they are allowed to dry (below).