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  1. Desiccant Bag

    Desiccant Bag


    Desiccant Bag Dries empty capsules. Same as included with THE CAPSULE MACHINE. Learn More
  2. Liquid Filling Accessory Kit

    Liquid Filling Accessory Kit


    Using your Capsule Machine, this Kit allows you to seal and dry 24 liquid capsules at a time. Learn More
  3. Spreader Cards

    Spreader Cards


    Same spreader card that is included with all Capsule Machines Learn More
  4. Sealing Solution

    Sealing Solution


    Same as included in Liquid Filling Kit: 100% Pure Cacao Seed Butter to seal liquid capsules Learn More
  5. Silicone Spreader Brush

    Silicone Spreader Brush


    Silicone Spreader Brush Learn More
  6. Dropper



    Dropper Learn More
  7. Ejection Pusher

    Ejection Pusher


    Ejection Pusher -- same as included in Liquid Sealing/Drying Accessory Kit Learn More
  8. Drying Rack

    Drying Rack

    By using extra drying racks you can immediately make additional batches of 24 capsules while the other batch is drying. (Picture shows liquid capsules, which are not included.) Learn More
  9. Tamping Tool

    Tamping Tool


    Use tamping tool to compact powder with The Capsule Machine. Learn More
  10. Special items or parts, or $2 phone order fee

    Special items or parts, or $2 phone order fee


    Do not fill unless directed by Capsule Connection Learn More
  11. Stand



    The new model allows the base of the Capsule Machine to more easily fit flush on the stand. Capsule Machines shipped before June, 2015 have the old model. Does not have brackets on inside, like the old model. Learn More