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How should I clean the Capsule Machine?

Use hot soapy water or use the top shelf of the dishwasher if the water temperature does not exceed 170 degrees F. The plastic material of the Capsule Machine may start to melt at higher temperatures

What should I do if capsules are jamming in the Capsule Machine?

Capsules are affected by humidity - they absorb moisture and expand. They can jam in The Capsule Machine even if they are “new” because humidity can go through plastic bags. Therefore we enclose a reusable drying (desiccant) bag with each Capsule Machine. Extra desiccant bags are available at the Capsule Connection web site under Accessories.

The drying bag is packed in a heavy plastic bag to prevent exposure to humidity. After removing it from the bag, put it into an airtight jar or can. Your capsules should then be placed and stored in the same container for at least 24 hours. Do not open the desiccant bag. If capsules are jamming when joining, place the batch of capsules in the jar with a fresh desiccant bag.

What are the ingredients of the capsules?

Empty vegetable capsules (also referred to as empty vegetarian capsules) consist of only two ingredients: HPMC and purified water. HPMC, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, is derived from vegetable cellulose. 100% natural, these capsules contain no preservatives, gelatin, wheat, gluten, animal by-products or starch, and they are made from pure cellulose of either pine or poplar.

Empty gelatin capsules contain only high-quality beef gelatin and purified water.

  • All capsules are Kosher and Halal certified.
  • All capsules are GMO free.
  • All capsules are gluten-free and made without any preservatives.
  • All capsules have been manufactured and are in compliance with 21 CFR 210 and 21 CFR 211. Empty capsules are manufactured in cGMP and FDA-approved facilities.

Can I get additional discounts by buying quantity?

Yes, Capsule Connection provides wholesale pricing with small minimums. You don’t need to provide any business documentation – everyone qualifies. If you want to buy at least 5 combined Capsule Machines or 5000 combined capsules (with a minimum order of $50) you can qualify for wholesale pricing. Wholesale orders over $75 get free shipping to the U.S. lower 48 states.

If you want to buy wholesale, just go to the top of our web page at Wholesale Setup. You automatically create your wholesale account there.

Retail customers also get discounts based on the size of the order. If your order is over $45 you get free shipping, and if it’s over $70 you also get a 10% discount.

Which capsules are better – gelatin or vegetable?

Both work equally well. Both break down in the acid environment of the stomach within 15 minutes. Vegetable capsules sell at a higher price than gelatin. They are generally used by people who do not want to eat animal products. Gelatin capsules are made from Kosher and Halal Beef Gelatin.

How much powder will fit into a capsule?

The size 000 holds about 1000 mg, size 00 about 730 mg, size 0 about 500 mg, size 1 about 400 mg, and size 3 about 200 mg. The weight depends on the density of the powder. For full capsule sizing info, see:

Can I fill capsules with liquids?

Yes, you can use our Liquid Sealing/Drying Accessory Kit with our Capsule Machine if the liquids do not contain water because water will break down the capsules. For full information see: