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Welcome to Capsule Connection, LLC.

Shipping Terms

Retail Domestic Shipping

If your order is:

  • Up to $45     $4.85 for shipping & handling
  • $45 - $70     No shipping or handling charged
  • Over $70     10% discount and no shipping or handling charge

Does not include international shipping charges, or charges outside 48 states. Discounts do not apply to Profillers.

Wholesale Domestic Shipping

If your order is:

  • Up to $75     $4.85 for shipping & handling
  • Over $75     No shipping or handling charged


Standard fixed shipping may take up to a week. Please note that UPS shipment times are guaranteed but USPS shipment times are not guaranteed.

Almost all orders received by 12 am, Arizona time, will be shipped out the same day.

UPS has Saturday delivery option available for some addresses for Next Day or Two Day shipping. The charge is $17. If you want that option, first check with UPS to see if it is available to your address. Then please go to ACCESSORIES and then to "Special items or parts, or $2 phone order fee." Put in 17 in QTY and add to cart. At the end of Checkout, put in the COMMENTS "Saturday Delivery."

  • Telephone orders are accepted, but we have a $2 fee for phone orders because of higher costs.

International Customers:

You can see various postal and UPS options and their rates after you enter the products you want to order and enter your shipping country.

  • All modes of shipping are by air. 
  • Claims for loss can be made after the following time periods: Express Mail or UPS Express -- 12 days after shipment

First Class International, Priority Mail International, or UPS Expedited -- 30 days after shipment

Note all prices are only in US dollars