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Welcome to Capsule Connection, LLC.

Capsule Filling System

The ProFiller 1100 models for most size capsules are $1026


  • Up to 35% faster than other 100 hole capsule filling systems based on a
    patented design and included accessories.
  • Inox (Stainless Steel 316) plates for reduced static.
  • Tamper size range optimized for higher fill weights and
    faster filling.
  • Unique features include lightweight 2-piece Orienter, Orienter locater and oversize Powder Tray & clamps.
  • Fully lock capsules after filling, unlike most hand-held fillers -
    saving you time and frustration!
  • Fully equipped for one capsule size. Change parts are available to fill additional empty capsule sizes.


Over Encapsulator


Fill Your Own Capsules!

















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